Frequent asked questions:

Kindly find below the most frequently asked questions, shall you have further concerns please contact us.


Q: When the new designs are coming?

A: The high and low seasons do not define only tourism lifecycle; they manifest splendid ideas through the year of fashion too.

In the Arab world, this is different as the society celebrates different occasions as part of the regional culture throughout the year. Most of the high seasons are related with the preparation for religious and national occasions, in addition to familial and personal ceremonies. In order to show special care and preparation from our side too, we bring home the best of new designs and fabrics for our customers in the UAE.


Q: What is the source of fabrics?

A: in Bouquet we appreciate art and originality. Two components that we find in big names as well as in small fashion houses. We import the best fabrics from best manufacturers & famous European fashion houses that lead most of the trend in the world of fashion.


Q: What fabrics are available in the show magazines?

A: Bouquet customers are continuously knowledgeable about the world and the region’s fashion lines. They want the touch of the new trends in their traditional and modern dresses. In bouquet, we select the fabrics that appear on the top list of the new products of fashion and fabric houses around the world, and especially in Europe. This comes adequately with the season and local taste frame.


Q: Are the same designs available to any other shops around?

A: As we take the front line in this specialty in the region, we prioritize the exclusivity of our fabrics and designs. Bouquet always selects exclusive designs for the local market, designs that enrich the experience of our customers, adds to their book of memories, and reminds them of what we do to make them happy.

We do have exclusive ownership on the designs we bring home. UAE is a special market for us and we make sure we are the same to our customers.


Q: What fabrics are on sale now?

A: This is a corner that you will always find in a Bouquet store. We value the time our customers put into choosing gifts, or daily use fabrics and we don’t want to miss this. Once you visit us, kindly ask for the discounted section, and make your choice!


Q- What type of fabrics are in fashion now & available?

A: We keep ourselves updated; introducing new designs every short period of time & customer can find new fabrics and trendy ideas any time.

In bouquet we keep teaching ourselves about the updates in fabrics and design discipline. However, there are periods of the year when all eyes are on new lines of fashion. What doesn’t change is only the fact that you will always find the newest in our stores.